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The osteriavarvamingo Guarantee

We will teach you how to care for your cashmere.
We stand by our creations and guarantee our work, forever.
Everything we make is worthy of a lifetime of use. It is made to last.

To return an item for repair:

If there is a flaw in our craftsmanship, we want to fix it. If your sweater got caught on a snag and now there’s a hole in it, we want to fix it. We are so proud of our knits that we guarantee them against life’s accidents. We believe so deeply that these knits are made to last that we promise to continue to repair and restore your osteriavarvamingo wherever possible. Cashmere with excessive damage will be repaired for a reasonable rate plus the cost of return shipping.

  • Who you are and/or who purchased the item.
  • Why you are returning (this helps us).
  • How you would like your return handled (i.e. card credited, exchange for another color, where to send it etc.)

Please send insured USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL to:

Via Giovanni Battista Nazzari, 10
24123 Bergamo